Business Administration

Don’t let admin get in the way of running your business. Refine and optimise day to day operations with experienced, practical advice. We can help you identify and implement the industry leading best practices that will enable you to run your business more effectively and efficiently.

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Business Mentoring

Develop business prowess with one-to-one mentoring. Take the time to reflect and tap into our wealth of entrepreneurial experience to enhance your perspective and grow your business. Sometimes taking on board a view from the outside can make all the difference, we’re here to be your sounding board and confidant.

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Business Planning Advice

Create better strategies with big-picture analysis. We can help you assess the appropriateness of your goals and how you can work towards them. More than that, you can draw on our experience generating growth in a range of industries, from property development to energy and education.

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Managing Director Support

Get more from your team with top level backup. Whether you need someone to take on part of your workload, or someone from the outside to offer a fresh perspective, we can help you implement effective leadership. We combine real world experience with cutting edge management theory, empowering you to achieve more.

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Property Management Consulting

As the driving force behind next generation developments in West Yorkshire, our team has the experience needed to help you build your business. Strong ties to the local community form the foundations of our many connections in this industry and an agile approach to our clients’ needs enable us to make things happen.

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Business Consultancy

Having successfully founded and developed businesses in a number of industries, from tech and energy to education and property development, we offer our expertise on both an ad hoc and a long term basis. From analysis and advice, to strategy and implementation, we are here to help you get more from your business.

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As a past and present director of a number of highly successful and award winning businesses, Chris has driven success in diverse industries ranging from tech to energy. Achieving growth through innovative working practices and the application of the latest technology he has set a new standard in small business development.

Having founded and then sold software company Aspire Technology Ltd to a US IT Company, Chris then went on to create Craggs Energy in 2011. Garnering high praise from the likes of the Sunday Times, this community driven business has gone from strength to strength under Chris’ direction.

Chris continues to support the wider family of Craggs businesses, their clients and partners with managerial input and guidance.

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With a background in business since studying the subject at Manchester Metropolitan University, Heidi has had a big impact on organisations of all sizes. From founding local nursery The Ark, to her days at global giants HP and Xerox, Heidi combines corporate level strategy with a fair bit of graft.

On a day to day basis, Heidi is closely involved in the operations of The Craggs Business Parks, managing multiple locations, supporting its clients and developing new properties for its portfolio.

With close connections to key organisations in the Cragg Vale community, Heidi has a way of matching all kinds of businesses in mutually beneficial partnerships.

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